Conversation with Signe Lidén on 'Writings'

‘Writings’, an installation by Signe Lidén commissioned by the European RESONANCE network, recently premiered at this year’s Flanders Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium, as part of the Festival’s Sounding City sound art program. Subsequent installments of the work will be part of upcoming RESONANCE events later this year.

In a conversation with Harold Schellinx, published at the RESONANCE blog, she elaborates on the thoughts, questions and fascinations that have been driving the development of the work.

New paper on the Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format (SpatDIF)

The latest issue of  the Computer Music Journal (MIT Press) includes an article on the Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format (SpatDIF) by Nils Peters, Trond Lossius, and Jan Schacher, entitled “The Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format: Principles, Specification, and Examples”.


SpatDIF, the Spatial Sound Description Interchange Format, is an ongoing collaborative effort offering a semantic and syntactic specification for storing and transmitting spatial audio scene descriptions. The SpatDIF core is a lightweight minimal solution providing the most essential set of descriptors for spatial sound scenes. Additional descriptors are introduced as extensions, expanding the namespace and scope with respect to authoring, scene description, rendering, and reproduction of spatial sound. A general overview presents the principles informing the specification, as well as the structure and the terminology of the SpatDIF syntax. Two use cases exemplify SpatDIF’s potential for pre-composed pieces as well as interactive installations, and several prototype implementations that have been developed show its real-life utility.

The full paper can be found here. An earlier version of this manuscript was presented at the SMC conference 2012 where it received a Best Paper Award.

More info on SpatDIF can be found here.


Re: place seminar 2 - Place in sound and music

Images from the 2nd. Re: place seminar held in the tv production studio, Stein Rokkans Hus, University of Bergen, 2 - 3 May 2013. Hosted by Griegakademiet, programmed by Trond Lossius, Morten Eide Pedersen and Signe Lidén. Click the small slideshow to view it full size.

Trond Lossius introducing the seminar