Skyvelære - opening

The exhibition "Skyvelære" by Ellen Røed opened at Stiftelsen 3,14 Thursday last week, and will be running until 11.08.2013. Here are some photos by Anne Matrthe Dyvi from the opening.

Ellen provides a detailed reflection on her artistic research project in a conversation with Cecilia Gelin.


Skyvelære - Ellen Røed at Galleri 3,14

Bergen Academy of Arts and Design wishes you welcome to the opening of


- an exhibition by our research fellow Ellen Røed at Galleri 3,14 in Bergen.

Composed of the words sliding and knowing, the Norwegian term Skyvelære means caliper, a device for measuring distance. In the exhibition Skyvelære Ellen Røed is reflecting on devices and procedures that are used in video art and in the natural sciences. She considers various relationships involved in creating representations; field trips, story telling, gathering or capturing of data, measuring, calibrating.

Ellen Røed is a research fellow in fine arts at Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, in the in The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, and this exhibition constitutes the artistic result of her fellowshop project.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr. Werner Schmutz, director of Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos / World Radiation Center