Re:placing the cinematic, Oslo, 31 October - 1 November

Amanada Steggel introducing her presentation, passing around documentation

1962 in Japan - Amanda's parents receive an invitation

Documentation of the construction of a power station

Olympic Games in Japan

Amanda demonstrates....

Choreographic exercises in avant garde Japanese apartment building

Atelier Nord director Ivar Smedstad welcomes participants
Trond Lossius presents the Re:place project

Synne Bull introducing

Keynote speaker Tom Gunning

Noam Elcott & pocket cinema

Noam Elcott and The Hobbit

Susanne Østby Sæther and Anthony McCall

Ina Blom on early video art

Sonic Acts curator Arie Altena

Victoria Fu presents her installations

Andreas Bunte introducing his films

Synne Bull & Dragan Miletic present their ongoing works

Dragan Miletic testing a new projection device

Tom Gunning & The Lumiere Brothers

Greg Pope's projection performance

More Greg Pope

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