Project initiators/steering group:

Synne Bull, Associate Professor, film & video, Oslo Academy of Art
Morten Eide Pedersen, Head of composition, Griegakademiet
Jeremy Welsh, Professor/Dean of Fine Art, Bergen Academy of Art & Design

Project leader

Trond Lossius, Professor KHIB, R&D coordinator BEK

Research assistant:

Signe Lidén, KHIB

Connected artists/researchers:

Ellen Røed, research fellow KHIB
Michelle Teran, research fellow KHIB
Andreas Bunte, research fellow KHIO
Duncan Higgins, Professor, KHIB

Johan Sandborg, Associate Professor, KHIB
Scott Rettberg, Associate Professor, UiB
Eamon O'Kane, Professor KHIB
Richard Launder, Associate Professor KHIB
Dragan Miletic, artist/designer, partner in Bull.Miletic, Oslo

Anne Marthe Dyvi, artist & developer at BEK

Project partners:

Kino Kino, Sandnes
BEK (Bergen Center for Electronic Art)
Ivar Smedstad, director, Atelier Nord/ANX, Oslo
Stephanie von Spreter, director, Fotogalleri, Oslo

Related Projects:

Topografies of the Obsolete (KHIB), Anne Helen Mydland, Neil Brownsword
Resurrecting the Obsolete (KHIB), Anne Helen Mydland, Neil Brownsword
In a Place Like This (KHIB), Johan Sandborg, Duncan Higgins
Future Guides for Cities, Research Fellowship Project, Michelle Teran

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