Re: place lectures

The Re: place project will be hosting a number of guest lectures in coming months, taking place at KHIB. In addition to the guest speakers participating in the inaugural seminar on 12th. October, the following lectures are scheduled:

Friday 19 October 10.00, lecture room, 4th. floor, C. Sundtsgt 53

Helen Petts

Artist & film-maker, presenting her recent project "Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing" in which she tracks the journey of Kurt Schwitters through Norway to Ambleside in Cumbria, England, where he constructed his last Merzbau.

Monday 12 November 14.30, lecture room, 4th. floor, C. Sundtsgt 53

Esther Leslie

Professor in Political Aesthetics at Birbeck College, London, whose research interests include Walter Benjamin and radical philosophy. She is also co-author - originator of the website Militant Esthetix. Esther Leslie contributed to the anthology Restless Cities, a reader on contemporary urban conditions.

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