White Out: Galleri S12 Bergen

White Out is a video work by Jeremy Welsh with audio mixed and produced by Robert Worby. It is currently being shown as a silent projection in the street-level window of Galleri S12 in Bergen, in a project made collaboratively between S12 and BEK. The curators are Therese Longva and Anne Marthe Dyvi.  White Out is a meditation on place through slowly moving images. Derived from imagery of an actual place, it becomes something else - not exactly a non-place, but an other place or a meta place, constituted in reflections and layers that, through abstraction and distortion, lift the image out of the category of documentary and into a space of almost fiction. White Out is one of several works made during the past 12 years in which images of place, manipulated and edited, are used to create a vision of place that becomes non-localised but that nevertheless speaks to us of our connections to specific places, their architectures, spaces, material qualities and resonances.

White Out (2012) in the window of S12 Bergen

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