moving - Ålesund February 2013

"Moving" was a public outdoor projection event in urban space produced by the artist collective Aggregat in Ålesund between 7 - 10 February. Ten artists showed video works projected onto walls, facades and large windows in a series of locations stretching between the city hall and the old wooden buildings by the harbour. On Friday 8th. February at 8.00 pm an audience of over 100 people met outside the city hall to join a two-hour procession through the city, visiting each of the projected video works. The procession was led by the "art ambulance", created and driven by Bent Erik Myrvoll, and each work was introduced by tour guide and artist Trine Røssevold,  clearly visible to all in a white suit adorned with small light bulbs. The intention of the guided tour was both to present the artworks, and to give Ålesund residents a different experience of their own city environment, possibly even introducing them to urban spaces they had not noticed or had simply overlooked. In freezing temperatures the tour was certainly a challenge, but the audience were extremely engaged and remained involved to the very end. This was an engaging and very enjoyable way to have an alternative experience of a city and to see some interesting video works at the same time. The following day an afternoon seminar was held at the Ålesund Jugendstil Senter with lectures by Jeremy Welsh and Benedikte Holen. Pictures below in non-chronolgical order!

Tour guide & performance artist Trine Røssevold with one of the exhibitors, Frederico Campanale

Frederico Campanale's video "The Page's Wing" projected on the facade of the public library

"Forflyttning" by Geir Brungot, projected on The Fishermens' House

"Tempel" by Simon Wågsholm, in a backyard by the harbour

Trine Røssevold introduces "Viewfinder" by Helene Sommer

Bent Erik Myrvoll's Art Ambulance, which led the procession with flashing lights and a musical siren

Please Note After Image (remix) by Jeremy Welsh on the end of a house in Øwregata

the audience assembled outside the city hall, all equipped with reflective safety vests

Aggregat member & project producer (also exhibiting artist) Karin Augusta Nogva

Helene Sommer's "Viewfinder" projected on an old wooden house in Moloveien

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