2nd Re:place seminar

The second Re:place seminar will take place at the Grieg Academy May 2-3. We have started adding information on the seminar, and as the schedule is finalised, all details will be available here. This seminar will examine how issues of place are being negotiated in contemporary sound and music, and question how this resembles or differs from the dealing with place in fine arts. Participants in the Re:place project will also use the workshop for further planning of the upcoming exhibition at KinoKino and Sandnes kunstforening, and discussions on how to proceed on the issue of critical reflection within the project.

For anyone that want to substitute the usual crime books for more relevant readings over Easter in preparation for the workshop, here are a few suggestions:

Digicult has a lengthy interview with Daniela Cascella, one of the invited guests.

The PhD thesis from 2008 by Sun-Jun Kim proposed a quaternary framework for listening to electroacoustic music, inspired by the model put forward by Krauss in "Sculpture in the Expanded Field":

In particular for anyone coming from the fine arts, I believe that this text gives an excellent introduction to a number of core topics, terms, thought and discourses within electroacoustic and acousmatic music, and it is not hard to read.

I hope that we might get some productive discussions on similarities and differences in approaches to place between music and fine arts in this seminar, and I believe that this is one of the topics where the Re:place project is able to offer reflections that might be of importance.

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