Eva Ljosvoll video at 3,14

Eva Ljosvoll, video still from En Odyssé
Eva Ljosvoll's video work "En Odyssé" will be showing at galleri 3,14 in Bergen from 12 April - 2 June. Opening Friday 12 April, 18.00

If you stand perfEva Ljosvoll's video work "En Odysséectly still, you’ll see how quickly it passes!
Even if you don’t move you’ll be part of the flow. Even staying at home you’ll be part of the journey that moves everything around in the world. When you do as little as possible and try not to change, everything changes. Sometimes the less you do the faster the changes take place. 
Odyssé is part of a series of works that investigates how time can be perceived. 

Artist statement: 

Eva Ljosvoll is educated at Bergen Art Academy, Weissensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin and Bergen University. She has participated in many group exhibitions and is among other things part of the collection of Bergen Art Museum.

How individuals are related to categories like time and language, are main interests in her artistic practice. The individual makes these categories visible and the individual is at the same time created through language. 

Personal expepriences of being present emotionally and mentally, are always the artisitic starting point. Some of the works handles trauma and shock experiences through analyzing how time is experienced. 

Odyssé is among the works that investigates how time is perceived om a personal level. How time is experienced indicates the emotional state. What time could be can also be investigated through an emotional state. 

Eva Ljosvoll mainly works with video installations. The moving photography shows rather the consequence, than the story that causesd the state. The non narrative moving image is close to poetry. The chronology is of no importance, the images are standing side by side and create a whole, like a chord that vibrates simultaneously.

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