28 August - 8 September, 2013
Opening Wednesday, 28 August, 19.00

From 28 August to 8 September Fotogalleriet will be examined as an educational space and testing ground for art making as process, blurring the boundaries between art education, art as education and education as art. In collaboration with Synne Bull / The Academy of Fine Art (KhiO), Fotogalleriet will lend its space to art students that participated in the seminar 6x6 conceived by Synne Bull in spring 2013, which questioned standard forms of art education within the educational institution itself.

Education Reversed will act as an intervention into the conventional operation of an art institution while simultaneously rethinking art education. During the period of intervention the students create their own learning environment by coordinating events with invited guests, organized collaborative feedback and critique sessions. It will entail a series of exhibitions, lectures, performances, seminars and social gatherings. The entire process will be open to the public at Fotogalleriet and the audience is invited to be an active participant.

Programmed Events:

Wednesday, 28 August (19.00): Opening of Education Reversed with food and drinks. Works by Andreas Olavssönn Rongen, Emil Andersson, Endre Tveitan, Goutam Ghosh, Hedda Roterud Amundsen, Sam van Strien. Introduction by Synne Bull & Stephanie von Spreter. 

Friday, 30 August (19.00): Film Screening and Discussion. Agnieszka Golaszewska invites - Guests: Greg Pope (artist and filmmaker), Karolina Zaleszczuk (filmmaker), Henrik Østrem (multimedia artist), Eyjólfur Kjalar Emilsson (Professor in Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Sunday, 1 September (19.00): The creation of the holy room. Collaboration with St. Edmund’s Church on Møllergata 30, Liv Kristin Holmberg invites – Guests: Marit Jerstad (Leader, The Norwegian Gurdjieff Society / Lecturer, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences), Iselin Jørgensen (priest, Kirkelig Dialogsenter), Erling Kittelsen (poet, writer, dramaturge and translator), Karen Nikgol (painter, choreographer and curator), Henning Næss (writer and teacher), Knut Erik Tveit, (cultural advisor in Oslo Diocese and curator). With works by Agnieszka Gołaszewska, Goutam Ghosh and Erik Högström installed at St. Edmund’s Church.

Tuesday, 3 September(19.00): Colonial knowledge production. Film Screening, Discussion and Dinner. Goutam Ghosh invites – Guests: Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay and Moumita Sen (PhD candidates, University of Oslo)

Thursday, 5 September (19.00): The Photographic Image as Installation. Open Discussion. Emil Andersson & Endre Tveitan invite - Guests: Mikkel McAlinden (artist) and Anne Lise Stenseth (artist). 

Friday, 6 September (19.00): Det goda samtalet - an artist talk between abstract painter Lars Strandh and art student Matilda Höög".

Sunday, 8 September (19.00): Finissage with food and drinks

The gallery space will also be open at normal opening hours (Tue-Fri 12-17 / Sat-Sun 12-16) during the project period (28 August – 8 September). On Sunday, 1 September St. Edmund’s Church is open 12-18 as part of The creation of a holy room by Liv Kristin Holmberg.

For more detailed information about the programme please follow (facebook): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fotogalleriet/264452920240801?ref=hl


As part of her teaching at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KhiO) and a participant of the research project Re: place, Synne Bull conducted a closed seminar in collaboration with Stephanie von Spreter (Fotogalleriet) with international art professionals and Academy of Fine Art students during the 2013 spring semester. Entitled 6x6, the seminar discussed the notion of place from (radically) different perspectives. The key focus of the 6x6 seminar was to blur the boundaries between students and professionals.

In Education Reversed the art school is “re:placed” with the art gallery, i.e. the protected traditional educational environment is exchanged for a publicly accessible exhibition space. Additionally, students are turned into “professors” where they themselves organize the content of the publicly accessible seminar in a way that also will benefit their own artistic research. During the period of the project, the visitors to the gallery will be encouraged to take part in the discussions, re-installing works, attend lectures and performances and see and discuss films.

The main intention with the project is to raise important questions regarding higher art education in Scandinavia today. By turning the space into a laboratory of exploration, we will be “re:placing” our (un)usual formats of discussion into the public sphere, fortifying the awareness of the processes of reflection, presentation and documentation while being engaged in the creation of a new work.

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