This Must Be The Place (I love the passing of time (part II))

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 This must be the place: I love the passing of time (part II)
 Eamon O ́Kane / Line Bøhmer Løkken

 Opening: 24.10.13 in Sandnes Kunstforening/ KinoKino

 And time begins again by Irish artist Eamon O ́Kane relates to a derelict plant nursery in Denmark and consists of a series of video works of the   interior of the greenhouses. The title is taken from Samuel Beckett’s 
‘Text for nothing (1958)’. The Beckett text, read by Jack MacGowan,       accompanies footage of different parts of the nursery complex, expressing the friction between the natural and the human made and especially architecture.

Tøyen Center is a series of photography by Line Bøhmer Løkken. The construction of Tøyen Center  in Oslo in the early 1970s was marked by high ambitions. The key concept of its design was to preserve the qualities of classic urban planning by defining a public space as its core. Simultaneously, the center materialized the idea of future and progress through new physical structures. Today, Tøyen Center  exits in many ways as a distorted picture of the glorious vision that was proclaimed when it was opened. Over the last 15 years, Tøyen has developed into a location for marginalized groups in Norwegian society, and almost half of the center's retail space is empty. We find few traces of the visions that formed the basis for the planning of it, but what has replaced it? What kind of urban space does Tøyen Center represent today?

The opening at Sandnes kunstforening is also part of the program for Screen City, a festival dedicated to the moving image presented in public spaces, on the city`s facades, shop windows and urban venues. Artists and filmmakers are invited to challenge the concept of public space and use it as canvas for storytelling urban visions. Screen City is curated by Daniela Arriado and Mirjam Struppek. www.screencity.no

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