First Re:place seminar 11 - 13 October

Images from the first Re:place seminar, 11 - 13 October at KHIB. Over the course of three days there were presentations and discussions of individual projects thematically connected to Re:place, a series of three guest lectures and a day trip to Hardanger, taking in a visit to the arts centre Kabuso in Øystese, the ancient agricultural village Agatunet, and Odda, to see the exhibition Odds.

The first day of the seminar: Morten Eide Pedersen, Trond Lossius, Scott Rettberg

Morten Eidi Pedersen, Signe Lidén, Scott Rettberg

Scott Rettberg, Synne Bull, Dragan Miletic with Chloe Lewis & Andrew Taggart presenting

Neil Brownsword, Ellen Røed, Richard Launder, Johan Sandborg, Clement Valla

Day Two of the seminar: Invisible Landscapes: lecture by Bil Rankin

The Universal Texture: lecture by Clement Valla

Lecture by film maker Inger Lise Hansen

Day Three; trip to Hardanger: Dragan Miletic & Synne Bull at Steindalsfossen

Steindalsfossen: Inger Lise Hansen, Clement Valla & Heidi Nikolaisen

Duncan Higgins & Scott Rettberg at Steindalsfossen

Presetnation of Kurt Johannesen's exhibition at Kabuso
Linda Lien presenting her design project during lunch at Kabuso

On the ferry "Hardingen" from Kvandal to Utne

Signe Lidén & Scott Rettberg, crossing Hardanger Fjord

Clement Valla & Ellen Røed on the ferry

Lars Korff Lofthus talks about his recent project at the historic village Agatunet

Lars Korff Lofthus as tour guide on the road to Odda

At the Odds exhibition, Duncan Higgins & Johan Sandborg

Ingeborg Annie Lindahl introduces the Odds exhibition

Dinner at the mountain farm Tjødnadalen Gard, close to Odda.

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