The site is the question

The recent project "Resurrecting the Obsolete" which was launched at the former Spode ceramics factory in Stoke on Trent in September was documented in an exhibition entitled "The Site is The Question" at Rom 8, KHIB. The exhibition brought together a wide range of materials and documentation, suggesting some of the vibrancy that characterized the site investigations that took place during the workshop. The project will now be further developed, with a new workshop in March 2013, leading to the production of site-specific works to be incorporated in the British Ceramics Biennale 2013. The project is being developed and led by Anne Helen Mydland and Neil Brownsword and involves participants from KHIB, The Royal Danish Art Academy, Mutheus Academy in Kiel, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Below are some images fom the current exhibition.

From Richard Launder's installation, incorporating objects, photographs, architectural drawings and video

Expanded map of the Potteries region

From a series of ceramic objects printed with images from the site

Photo series from installation in the former shop/showroom of the Spode factory

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