Hardanger-trip 13. October


    09.30:  Departure C. Sundsgate 53
    11.00:  Kabuso, Øystese.
                Exhibition by Kurt Johannesen. Torunn will tell us about Kabuso and their philosophy
    11.45:  Lunch-talk with Linda Lien. She will talk about The Caféproject Kvam
    13.00:  Departure Øystese to the ferry. The participants who are having flights to Oslo 18.15 will
                take a bus back to Bergen 14.30
    14.30:  Arrival Utne. Lars Lofthus will join the bus. We will pass by Agatun on our way to Odda.
    15.30:  Guided tour through the exhibition ODDS and Lofthus´s work at the
                literature symposium exhibition.
                Terje Kollbotn from Odda Municipality will show us some of the old factory-locations and
                answer questions concerning the debate about conservation or/and cultural reactivation of
                Odda´s industrial areas.    
                (Working class hero- concert at 18.00...)
    18.30:  Dinner together with ODDS organizers, Lars Lofthus.
    20.00:  Departure Odda towards Bergen. Arrival Bergen ca. 23.00

    If someone wants to stay over in Odda, ODDS can help with a roof over one´s head but bring   
    sleeping bag AND liggeunderlag.

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